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Girlstrong workshops and seminars are interactive and involve participants at every stage. Ronneal tells stories about African American women, women of the Bible, and shares some of her own life experiences. Her approach is to intertwine African American history, biblical stories, and contemporary issues to demonstrate how God is present in the lives of our African American and Christian ancestors. Her unique presentations then show how God is still present and relevant in our lives today. Girls learn that God understands their problems, needs, and dreams. He has proven it throughout history! Ronneal inspires girls through motivational testimonies, informative handouts, skill-building exercises, videos, and tools that they can use out in the real world. Girls are empowered to increase their self esteem and self respect, live healthier lives and most importantly, grow closer to Christ.

Here is a list of just a few available workshops:

I Feel Good
This workshop is inspired by Hannah, a woman who struggled to understand that she was good enough because she was a child of God. Girls learn what self-esteem is and how they can begin to build a healthy sense of value and worth.

Oh No He Didn't
Women and girls today are often disrespected and asked to do things that are demeaning and humiliating. A girl who knows her value won't feel the need to cheapen herself by trying to prove that she can meet the expectations that other people have for her. Based on the story of Queen Vashti, girls are taught the importance of self-respect, having values and knowing their value, and the power of being able to say NO!

Close to You
The mother/daughter relationship is one of the most sacred and precious bonds ever created. However, there are constant assaults on the ability of mothers and daughters to develop deep and meaningful relationships. The powerful story of Ruth and Naomi helps mothers and daughters learn ways that they can grow closer and solidify their bond through open and honest communication.
*This workshop includes a signed copy of girlSTRONG! A Spiritual Journey of Growing and Reconnecting with Our Daughter, by Ronneal Mathews

My Sister, Myself
Why is it so difficult for girls to have healthy relationships with one another? Through the story of Leah and Rachel, girls learn some of the elements of healthy relationships, and how they can begin to build meaningful bonds based on sisterhood, respect, and love.

Say It Loud!
It is easy to forget to teach African American girls that they have a proud culture and heritage. They need to be instilled with a sense of pride for their African roots and their family history. Esther was a good example of a girl who risked everything to save her people and through acknowledging her roots was able to change the world!

Power to the People
Girls can be powerful activists and agents for change in the community and the world. Using the little known story of Jehosheba, a woman who risked her life to save the legacy of a people, girls discover that, through courage and bravery, they too can make a difference!



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