The Problem:
80 % of African American children entering schools have a positive self-im¬age; twenty percent still do by the fifth grade; yet only five percent do by their senior year in high school.


92% of the young women want to change some aspect of their physical appearance.

Our Hope:
Studies show that having a relationship with God is directly related to increased self-esteem

girlSTRONG!  was founded in 2007 by author, workshop facilitator, public speaker and public health professional, Ronneal Mathews.  Ronneal has faced many of the same issues that girls face today.  From low self-esteem, self doubt, and questions about her faith – Ronneal truly has a testimony to share.  The message of strength and courage which she delivers through her books and interactive workshops will motivate African American girls to recognized their unique strength and learn life lessons that will change the way they think about their place in the world.


 The girlSTRONG! workshop series is designed for girls ages 12-18.  Some workshops are designed for mothers and daughters or girls and youth ministry leaders.  Workshops include activity handouts and resource list.  Workshop length and format can vary based on client needs.


girlSTRONG! workshops

length: 45-90 minutes each

max # of participants: 50 per session


mother/daughter workshops

length:  90-120 minutes each

max # of participants:  25 mother/daughter couples


girlSTRONG! full day or half day retreat

Includes workshops and activities on various topics based on client needs


mother/daughter full day or half day retreat

Includes a signed copy of “girlSTRONG!  A Spiritual Journey of   Growing and Reconnecting with Our Daughters” by, Ronneal Mathews

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