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Despite the images that are portrayed in society, the strength of African American women is the most powerful strength in the world.  girlSTRONG! is an organization dedicated to helping African American women and girls embrace the unique God-given strength that is all their own.  Through books, workshops, and innovative programs,  girlSTRONG! is creating a movement that will empower women and girls of African descent to apply Biblical priciples to everyday situations.

Society often tells African American girls that if they do not meet certain unrealistic standards

- if they don’t look, act, or dress a certain way – they are not good enough. 

Girls can learn how self-respect, self-esteem, and a closer relationship with God can make their lives full and complete.


Click here to watch Kiri Davis' groundbreaking video about the self esteem of Black girls, "A Girl Like Me".


girlSTRONG! is dedicated to strengthening the mother/daughter relationship

Order copies of Ronneal Mathews' first book:
"GirlSTRONG:  A Spiritual Journey of Growing and Reconnecting with Our Daughters"


Click here to watch MSNBC's duplication of the "Doll Test". It was shown during MSNBC's conversation on race.

Black girl,
Beauty fine is in your blood line
The world
Wants the gifts you're born with
Secrets of all the queens
Are locked inside your precious dreams
Stay Gold
See no matter where you start
You somehow make it to the top
Cause you're Gold

You see Black is so beautiful
Kissed by the sun
As we dance to the drum
So beautiful

Black is so beautiful
Our spirits, our hearts
Our style, and our art
So beautiful

Except from the song "Black Is...", by Fertile Ground now playing on this site.

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